Position Opening: Music Minister


GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Coordinates the music of the church in a manner that enhances the spirit of worship, and assists the congregation in praising and serving God.

1.      Provides organ/piano music for all worship experiences.
2.      Establishes a worshipful, positive feeling and movement in the worship experience through selection of music appropriate to worship themes.
3.      Provides music for other occasion, as requested, such as afternoon services, weddings, funerals, etc.
4.      Develops musical skills of choir through rehearsals, coaching, workshops, etc.
5.      Continues to grow in musicianship.   

1.      Knowledge of church music.
2.     Choir rehearsal/teaching techniques.
3.      Ability to:
     a. Play organ, piano, or keyboard.
      b. Play variety of hymns and gospel music.
     c. Accompany both soloists and choirs at rehearsals and for worship experiences.
     d. Ability to read music or have a willingness to learn.

This position is open to musicians seeking to serve as a music minister for the first time!

Interested persons may apply by emailing pastor@newmountoliveamec.org, calling the church office at (757) 545-5593, or completing the form below.

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