Our Ministries

Steward BoardThe Steward Board, along with the Pastor who serves as chairperson, is responsible for the spiritual and financial well-being of the church. It's members are appointed by the Pastor. Leader: Rev. Christian Savage, Chair. Bro. Lloyd Copeland, Chair Pro-Tem.

Trustee BoardThe Trustee Board, along with the Pastor who serves as chairperson, is responsible for property and legal concerns of the church. Trustees are nominated by the Pastor and elected by the congregation. Leader: Rev. Christian Savage, Chair. Bro. Benjamin Copeland, Chair Pro-Tem.

Stewardess Board:  Stewardesses are responsible for preparing the elements of Communion, Baptism, and assisting fellow worshipers during service. It's members are appoint by the Pastor. Persons interested in serving should speak with Pastor Savage. Leader: Sis. Annie Spence, President.

Usher Board:  Ushers serve as doorkeepers; and assist in welcoming worshipers into the House of God, the seating of congregants, providing direction and maintaining order during worship services and other events. Members are welcome to volunteer their service as an usher! Leader: Dr. Denise Littleton, President

Church School:  Church School seeks to teach all of the students the Word of God and to be faithful and obedient to it. It is composed not only of children and youth, but also a large adult class. Students receive a strong Christian foundation from the instruction they receive from the committed Church School faculty under the leadership of the Church School Superintendent.  All are welcome to share in this Christian fellowship.  Leader: Sis. Marie Murphy, Superintendent

Rosa L. Moore Missionary Society: The WMS  is comprised of individuals who seek to help each person grow in the knowledge and experience of God through his son Jesus Christ. The WMS also seeks fellowship with women in other lands. It provides opportunities and resources to meet the changing needs and concerns of women and youth through intensive training, recruitment, and Christian witnessing. The WMS also sponsors administrative retreats, health institutes, and health initiatives that focus on various causes such as Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, AIDS, etc.  The WMS also hosts leadership training programs, educational programs for religious leaders and operates a women's information bureau that compiles statistics. The WMS also organizes charitable activities and offers children services.  Leader: Sis. Kimico Brown, President. Contact: nmo@newmountoliveamec.org

The Young People’s Department Ministry: he Mission of the Young People's Department is to be a unified body with Christ-like qualities, build a Connectional bond that demonstrates pride through Education, Communication and Mission Work

The organizations is to provide meaningful youth training programs in all areas of church life which will provide for full participation in the total mission of the church; educational programs designed to increase knowledge of African Methodist Episcopal Church history and Scriptures; and to provide opportunities for leadership experience. Leader: Chanacey Butler, Director. Mattie Wilson, Assistant Director. Motto: "Grow, glow and go for Christ."

The Lay Organization: The Lay Organization of is comprised of members of the congregation age 18 and older. The purpose of the Lay Organization is to organize and train the laity of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  It is dedicated to promoting the history, traditions, principals, discipline, evangelistic, financial and general well-being of African Methodism.  The Lay is also charged with keeping alive the memory of our founder, Bishop Richard Allen.  The Lay also studies the book of Discipline and learns the law of the church.  It encourages financial support of the church's programs and teaches stewardship practices to the youth and new members.  The Lay also supports various church programs and organizations and gets involved with social action in the church community.   Leader: Bro. Lynn Abrams

Christian Education Ministry: The Book of Discipline charges the Department of Christian Education with responsibility for "Developing standards, preparing programs, offering classes, teaching Christian education, publishing material, training people for pastoral ministry and other church vocations" in accordance with the tradition and doctrine of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Leader: Bro. Calvin Hankins, Director.

Class Leader/Small Group Ministry: The Class Leaders are appointed annually by the pastor and they are charged with helping the pastor to support and care for members. Leader: Sis. Kenya Wilson, Senior Class Leader.

Music MinistryThe Music Ministry leads us in worship on Sunday morning. We are blessed to have several choirs at New

Mount Olive. Each choir brings a special sound to the worship experience. Please look below to see a list of our active choirs!

· The Senior Choir: The Senior Choir is the oldest choir at New Mount Olive. This choir specializes in the singing of hymns, spirituals, and traditional gospel music. The Senior Choir sings on First Sundays. Musician: Sis. Geraldine Boone.

· The Male Chorus: The Male Chorus is a choir composed of men who enjoy lifting their voices to praise God. They sing a diverse array of music from hymns to contemporary gospel. The Male Chorus is know exciting "foot-stomping, hand-clapping" worship experiences. The Male Chorus sings on Second Sundays. Musicians: Bro. Randy Reddick, Bro. Ronald Reid, and Bro. Dominique Sparrow.

· The Gospel Choir: The Gospel Choir is the largest choir at New Mount Olive. This choirs sings gospel music from various eras. The Gospel Choir sings on Third Sundays.  Musicians: Sis. Monique Copeland, Bro. Ronald Reid, Bro. Dominique Sparrow, and Bro. DeShawn Spence.

· The Youth Choir: The Youth and Young Adult Choir is comprised of the young people of the church. This choir is committed to allowing the young people to construct a worship experience that includes that latest gospel music as well as older gospel music that speaks relevantly to them. The Youth and Young Adult Choir sings on Fourth Sundays. Musicians: Sis. Monique Copeland, Bro. Ronald Reid, Bro. Dominique Sparrow, and Bro. DeShawn Spence.

Hospitality Ministry: The Hospitality Ministry prepares and serves meals at the church. This ministry understands that food and fellowship is good for the soul. Leader: Sis. Veora Harding, President. 

Pastor’s Aid Ministry: The Pastor’s Aid Ministry assists the Pastor in carrying out his pastoral duties as well as provide care for the pastor and the pastor’s family. Leader: Carolyn Alexander, President

Security Ministry:  The Security Ministry maintains safety and security at all church events.  Leader: Bro. Edward Odoms.

Sons of Allen Ministry: The Sons of Allen Men's Fellowship is organized to foster closer relationships between men of the church, to equip men of the church for meaningful service, to reach unchurched men, and to present positive role models for our youth. The Sons of Allen has grown into an important connectional movement over the past twenty-plus years and the Fellowship is becoming a true connectional ministry. Leader: Bro. Edward Odoms.